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Looking For A Cosworth Diagnostic System?
Looking for Weber ECU diagnostics?
The IAW Monitor is the only tool you need...

I am very pleased to announce that through a liaison with Nikola at RP LABS we at Motorsport Developments are now the Sole UK distributor of their fantastic IAW monitor products.

The IAW Monitor is a very powerful serial Data Stream tool.
It can read, interpret, log and even scope all the data available through the factory provided diagnostic interface on ALL Weber Marelli IAW L8 & P8* series Ecu’s that are equipped with software allowing Data Stream output (Such as Pectel amongst others)

In most Ford Cosworth ECU’s, you will be using a Pectel or similar derivative of the serial data communications protocol, and if you are not, your chip can be modified to provide it without touching your original engines maps. (At additional cost) Please be aware that normal Weber software does NOT provide this output as standard and the P8 needs an internal modification to allow the output from the software to work.

The parameters that you can read, datalog (Not basic version) and scope are individually adjustable as is the sampling rate it can be recorded and displayed at. Available data logging time depends only upon the amount of free hard disk space available.

The data read can be shown in either a numerical display, a scope display, both, or as an "analogue" dash type display.

Key Benefits:

  • You can define which parameters are to be read and how frequently they should be sampled (In ms)
  • Select the parameters to be logged. (IE Just RPM and Boost if you wish)
  • Open log files from text editor or spreadsheet program like MS Excel for analysis back at home after a long motorway run perhaps?
  • Observe the behaviour and relation between parameters on live oscilloscope type display.
  • Colours, line thicknesses and scaling factors are all fully configurable.
  • Look at the parameters in real time through a fully configurable analogue dashboard type display.
  • You can set where for example the red line starts on RPM gauge, as well as borders on any other gauge present on the dash.

Here are a few screen shots to wet your appetite.**

IAW Monitor. Weber ECU Diagnostics. Cosworth Diagnostics and Cosworth data logger

The screen above shows what options are available to be monitored via your serial output and also shows an example of some outputs being "Scoped" in real time to find signal glitches. (Wiring etc)

IAW Monitor. Weber ECU Diagnostics. Cosworth Diagnostics and Cosworth data logger

The screen above shows the error functions built into the ecu serial system and how you can interrogate them yourself.
Any errors show up in RED.

IAW Monitor. Weber ECU Diagnostics. Cosworth Diagnostics and Cosworth data logger

The screen above is used to configure all the options and colours of your loggers and dashboard display... bringing me too..

IAW Monitor. Weber ECU Diagnostics. Cosworth Diagnostics and Cosworth data logger

The Dashboard. Self explanatory really, similar to screen one but all displayed as analogue dials.

Please note:
A few of the options shown will not work under Pectel serial communications, but all the important ones do such as:

Ecu error codes
RPM (TDC Sensor)
Coolant temp
Air charge temp
Map sensor
Throttle position sensor
ECU input voltage
CO trimmer
Injector pulse width in MS
Spark advance figure in degrees

Any additional features apparent in the screen shots are to be disregarded as they are not available to normal Weber L8 & P8 owners using the Pectel or similar data output. These extra features are present as this software is also used with RP labs own mappable ecu. (Details coming soon)

The software itself just requires a PC running windows and a 9pin serial port for the connector. A special cable is also required to make the interface RS232 compatible. This cable connects directly between the serial port and ECU diagnostic connector, once connected, you can monitor, scope and datalog away to your hearts content.

The Professional version is upon us:
On top of all the above features, the "Professional" version supports alteration of fuelling and spark advance anywhere in the map LIVE whilst you drive. Just like the original Pectel monitor high end versions with "Swingers". This is arguably only of use to Pro's as the alteration is NOT permanent but it allows the tuner to make note of the EPROM addresses he saw gains and then re-burn an EPROM with the new data changes. As an added advantage, the monitor can, at the press of a button, store data address, rpm and boost levels present at the time you saw fit to modify the map, allowing you to read this back when the time comes to modify the EPROM data.

Product Options and pricing:
IAW Monitor PRO for Pectel Data Stream £250 inc vat.

IAW Monitor Full for Pectel Data Stream (No swinger function) £200 inc vat.

IAW Monitor Basic (No swinger or data logger function) £150 inc vat.

Serial communication interface £25 inc vat.


* (The P8 ECU requires a hardware modification to allow it to communicate with the product. Many P8's have been done already to enable them to work with pectel monitors etc.)