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BMW Factory Option Coding.

We are able to code in factory options and variables to customise your vehicle to your own preferences.

The BMW Body control system and Factory alarm unit can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. Several of the BMW range has various features disabled from factory, and these can be activated in most cases Also If you have a factory setting you don’t like, we can usually disable it for you! Just some of the changes we can make include:

  • Total closure activation of various windows. Open/closing from the key fob.  As an example we can fix the common problem with the E46 Coupe where the closure will not close the rear windows!

  • This also includes Convertible roof operation from the key fob.
  • Anti Hijack Functionality and the locking speed.

  • Alarm Audible and visual Arm/Disarm Function.

  • Selective Locking Functionality.

  • Programming and deleting BMW Remote key fobs.

  • Light Control options to activate/deactivate light warnings. (Useful if LED lights have been fitted)

  • Resetting of the Engine adaption.

  • Resetting and changing the service schedule.

  • Plus many more!

This system will also complete a full error code and evaluation of almost every ECU controlled system on the vehicle.

This can be carried out for as little as £40.00! So there is no excuse, customise your BMW Today!
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